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This 22,000 won – 3500 won – 30,000 won – 25,000 won

(roughly: 16$, 2.70$, 23$, 19$)

This is a lucky draw but what is this gap in market price? He must be so embarrassed ㅋㅋ I wouldn’t even take it for free

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1. [+108, -0]

Huh? That’s 3000won? I wouldn’t even take it for 300 won (23 cents)

2. [+83, -1]

3500 won..? Why is it so pricey?

3. [+80, -0]

The fact that this is a lucky draw and they’re selling it for 3500 won means that they’re basically pleading you to take that card

4. [+67, -0]

This is higher than I thought, I wouldn’t even take it for 350 won 

5. [+33, -0]

For real, whenever I’m getting undisclosed photocards, I always pray to get anyone but him, there’s nobody I can swap my card with otherwiseㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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