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1. [+59, -2]

I fainted after seeing this. Their chemistry is amazing

2. [+52, -9]

Suzy is seriously good at acting. She was the personification of Lee Doona

3. [+47, -5]

Lee Doona started off as a romcom but became a deep mellow drama starting in the middle and the more you go towards the end, the better it gets. Suzy’s acting was full of emotion towards the end. I was so immersed because of how good her acting was

4. [+36, -1]

I watched Lee Doona on the weekend and it was so fun

5. [+34, 0]

I’ve watched a lot of Suzy’s work so I knew about her already but I only knew Yang Sejong as Do Inbeom from Romantic Doctor so I didn’t know that he’d be this good at acting in a mellow dramaㅜㅜ Their melo acting was seriously amazing. I’ll watch it again this weekendㅠ It’s such a shame that it was only 9 episodes. I want to see them reunite in ep. 10 and date more. I just want to see more

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