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Of course they should speak Korean in they’re earning money in Korea

I’m not saying they’re ignoring Korea, but when someone goes to another country to earn money, of course they’ll learn the language, so of course if you become a Korean idol, you should speak Korean in the dorms. It’s just normal. Of course they will be sworn at if they don’t 

Maybe because Min Heejin did’t educatet hem on it, but this is Korea. Would you feel good seeing Japanese idols speak in Japanese between them?? Danielle’s mom is Korean and her real name is Mo Jihye, she’s also from Paju. She’s better in Korean than even Koreans. Hanni too, she’s so good in Korean but it feels like she’s trying to show off she knows English?? Is it that hard to speak in Korean?? I don’t even know if the Korean members who are underage understand their English, but they show no consideration towards the Korean members. Is it because they’re the most popular? 

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1. [+119, -15]

No but for male idols who are foreigners, even when their Korean f*cking suchs, you guys call it “cute” and fangirl on them. And when they speak in English, you guys call them “cool”. But it’s a problem when NewJeans does it?

2. [+118, -36]

Stop this bullsh*t and go bash at male idols for always speaking in other languages in their lives 

3. [+115, -41]

What? Meanwhile you guys go silent when male idols are speaking in English during their livesㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+114, -2]

You too, you’re Korean, earning money in Korea, maybe pay more attention to your typos?

5. [+111, -13]

Please use some English yourself I beg you. NewJeans speaks English, that’s why they get consumed overseas. Of course, they’re also at the top on Melon. Just because they used some english on Phoning Live, you’re acting out 

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