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“Are you really going to act like that when receiving an autograph… I watched it happen in front of meㅜㅜ  Out of nowhere, during his turn, he went up without any notice and suddenly threw the album and started yelling, demanding Taeyeon’s number.. Even though the fans tried to stop him, he refused to listen, so the bodyguard dragged him away. Taeyeon immediately grabbed the mic and apologized ㅜㅜ And the atmosphere got so low.. Oh, I’m getting mad thinking about it, but I bet Taeyeon was even more shocked about it so I didn’t say anything”

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1. [+111, -1]

What Taeyeon said is all true it’s way better for her to let us know about it. There’s no guarantee that that psycho will end this in one go

2. [+81, -0]

If he went all the way to the fansign, it means that there’s a high chance that he also tried for other fansigns so can’t we just ban him?? Because of the things he did today, there’s a probability he may come and cause harm in other fansigns too 

3. [+69, -1]

If you’re ill, just go to the hospital, why would you go to Taeyeon and her fans and be an eyesore?

4. [+67, -4]

Meanwhile she was trying to take care of the fans.. That’s impressive

5. [+49, -1]

This must’ve been f*cking scary… Throwing the album out of the blue and asking for her number while shouting, and then being dragged away by security ㅠㅠ

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