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Transit Love 2’s contestant Jisoo is receiving plastic surgery rumors because her face changed a lot

But she denies getting anything done so it’s making a buzz

The 2nd to 5th photos were her Transit Love days

And the 6th to 11th photos are her right now

+342: Her eyes look too uncomfortable… she doesn’t look naturalㅠㅠ

+230: Please relax your eyes a bit….

+133: Her eyes look way too dilated that they look uncomfortable

+140: She didn’t eyelashes but I think that she’d look good with eyelashes on… her eyes are big enough to see the upper whites, but I don’t think it’s necessary…!

– Seriously her face changed a lot… I couldn’t recognize her

post response:


1. [+21, 0]

Her protruding eyes look on Transit Love has completely disappeared now??

2. [+17, 0]

To be honest, it’s to the point where I can’t even recognize her anymore…

3. [+8, -1]

I don’t think it’s surgery but editing..

4. [+6, 0]

This is almost Face Off level

5. [+5, -6]

Who cares if she did her face or not. Imagine writing a post like this tsk tsk

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