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It feels like it’ll be such a strong concept

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1. [+170, -29]

But I’m honestly not a fan of aespa not ITZY but the moment I saw this, it reminded me of aespa

2. [+102, -21]

What the…? Why are they going for aespa’s concept

3. [+49, -1]

ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Seriously I listened to ITZY’s Japanese song a few days ago and it was so good, so I was wondering why they couldn’t release something similar domestically, their songs quality are so different, I hope the fans start sending trucks

4. [+38, -7]

Their formation looks a bit empty without Lia there, but since the song sounds intense, I’m still looking forward to it 

5. [+32, -1]

I hope they can comeback with their Ringo concept for their Japanese song 

6. [+24, -7]

The one on top is aespa and the one at the bottom is Blackpink, honestly they’re freaking the same, they haven’t sharpened knives , only JYP fans think like that

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