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She’s sick you know…

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1. [+49, -7]

She’s probably the most annoyed, stressed, and has the hardest time with the weight gain so I hope people would stop nagging her..

2. [+42, -7]

Joy, just be healthy. Ignore the haters and your weight

3. [+31, -6]

Joy, don’t look at those and look at positive comments only

4. [+24, -6]

Usually, people who are in a controlled diet will end up gaining weight when they get very sick since they will have to eat all the nutrients that they were lacking all those times. But because they are sick, even if they eat, they still feel starved and worn out so they can’t help but put on weight. People are saying that she’s making up excuses because she promoted after feeling better but can everyone recover 100% after getting sick?ㅋㅋinstead of nitpicking, take that time to better yourselves

5. [+20, -4]

You people knew fully well that she was sick earlier this year and went on a hiatus but are still hating on her. Are you guys trolls or the demon? I hope you guys get sued

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