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Article: Park Shin Hye, visuals that captivate

Source: X Sports News via Nate

1. [+325, -25] Hearing that story about how she partied hard with kids like Lee Hong Ki and Kim Heechul while Jo Se Ho paid for it all makes me sad…

2. [+255, -15] Park Shin Hye’s close friends: Jung Yonghwa, Lee Hongki, Jang Geun Suk, Choi Tae Joon, and more recently, Lee Sung Kyung

3. [+199, -14] I’m more captivated by who paid for her party 7 years ago

4. [+92, -10] People are always brainwashing others into thinking she’s beautiful, I don’t really think she is

5. [+84, -1] If you feel sorry to Se Ho at all, buy him dinner… ㅜ

6. [+51, -1] You should be responsible for paying for your own birthday party, or at least make sure you find out who paid for you. She’s so rude.

7. [+48, -4] If she found out that Jo Se Ho paid for her birthday party later, shouldn’t she have bought him a meal in return? I don’t know why she thought the story was something to brag about. She doesn’t have a brain ㅡㅡ imagine how drunk she must’ve been to even forget to pay for her party? She’s the type of friend people drop from their friend circles.

8. [+40, -6] Jo Se Ho was struggling financially back then but he still paid for all their drinks at her birthday party and she didn’t even know for 10 years ㅠ imagine how poor of a character you have to have to not know

9. [+27, -5] Ajumma face with thick legs

10. [+7, -0] I always found her acting cringe ㅜㅜ

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