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Park Yoo-chun Hits Rock Bottom Due To Scandals: From Sexual Assaults To Drug Use & Tax Evasion

With the tax evasion issue this time, former TVXQ & JYJ member Park Yoo-chun has completely distrusted fans

On December 14th, the National Tax Service released a list of tax defaulters and Park Yoo-chun was found among them with actor Park Joon-gyu. Accordingly, Park Yoo-chun did not pay a total of five taxes, including a transfer income tax in 2016, worth a total of 409 million won.

After causing controversy over sexual assault, Park Yoo-chun has been involved in scandals and unpleasant incidents. After a female employee at an entertainment establishment sued Park Yoo-chun for sexual assault in 2016, the singer-actor caused a stir as he was accused of sexual crimes 4 times. Although he was cleared of charges, the fact that he visited entertainment establishments was already enough to damage his image.

Park Yoo-chun

In April 2019, Park Yoo-chun was arrested on charges of taking methamphetamine with his ex-girlfriend and sentenced to 10 months in prison with a two-year probation. Before his indictment, Park Yoo-chun held a press conference to deny the drug allegations and declared his retirement from the entertainment industry if the accusations were true. As he was proven to have taken drugs, the public and fans completely turned their backs on him.

In November 2020, Park Yoo-chun reversed his retirement declaration and made a comeback with the “Remind” album but responses from Korean netizens were cold.

He later joined Re:Cielo, a company established by his long-time manager, to carry out activities overseas. However, a year later, Re:Cielo filed a complaint against Park Yoo-chun for violating of contract, pointing out that the male singer signed a double contract with a Japanese agency. The agency’s CEO exposed Park Yoo-chun’s misuse of the corporate card and sued him to claim 600 million won in compensation. As Re:Cielo’s application for a ban on Park Yoo-chun’s broadcast appearances and entertainment activities was accepted, his movie “On The Edge” failed to premiere in Korean theaters.

Park Yoo-chun

Park Yoo-chun later signed an exclusive contract with Logbook Entertainment to do activities overseas, including Thailand, but a conflict was once again reported. Amid the unsolved dispute with his agency, Park Yoo-chun gave an update on his whereabouts through his younger brother’s SNS account and asked fans to look forward to his performance in Japan. However, there has been no information about him since his tax evasion was revealed.

As This year marks the 20th anniversary of TVXQ’s debut. U-Know Yunho and MAX Changmin receive huge respect from many junior singers and are about to release a 20th-anniversary album. Kim Jun-su established a personal agency and is active as a musical actor, while Kim Jae-joong launched his own entertainment content on YouTube and impressed netizens with his witty talks. While the members are doing well as great seniors in the entertainment industry, Park Yoo-chun only disappointed fans with continuous scandals. 

Source: Daum

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