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Kim Sae-ron Releases New Profile Photos 1 Year 7 Months After Drunk Driving Accident

Actress Kim Sae-ron updated her SNS after a long time

On December 16th, Kim Sae-ron posted on her SNS account several profile pictures with different hairstyles, from short cut to long and wavy hair, in various concepts, such as lovely, innocent and chic.

These photos aroused keen attention as this is Kim Sae-ron’s first SNS activity in 1 year and 7 months since she caused a drunk driving accident in May last year.

In 2022, Kim Sae-ron crashed into guardrails, trees, and transformers on the street several times while driving under the influence of alcohol in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. When the police arrived at the scene, she even tried to flee away. At that time, her blood alcohol concentration was more than 0.2%, exceeding the level for driving license revocation. This accident cut off electricity in the nearby area, causing various businesses to suffer damage.

kim sae-ron

After the accident, Kim Sae-ron met with business owners in the area to apologize and compensate for the damage. She also released a handwritten letter and suspended her activities for self-reflection. However, during her hiatus, the young actress continued to receive criticism for controversies over complaints of difficulties in life, self-claimed part-time jobs, visiting holdem pub, etc. Kim Sae-ron then disappointed the public again when she pressed “like” on WOODZ’s new song and the promotional post of Netflix’s series “Bloodhounds” during her self-reflection period. “Bloodhounds” struggled to premiere as scheduled without removing Kim Sae-ron’s scenes because her role was important.

Not long after she was fined 20 million won for the drunk driving accident, Kim Sae-ron appeared in the music video for “Bittersweet” by EI brothers and Christine Corless.

As Kim Sae-ron resumed SNS activities and unveiled new profile photos, netizens are speculating that she might be preparing for a comeback. Attention is focused on her moves amid cold public responses.

Source: Daum

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