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Police blame media for prematurely leaking G-Dragon’s “drug arrest” prior to evidence being secured

Article: GD and Lee Sung-kyun drug investigation ‘wasted’… Police blame others…”difficulties in investigations due to media”

Source: Maeil Business

Police have been backed into a corner after failing to secure necessary physical evidence to prove drug charges for actor Lee Sung-kyun (47) and G-Dragon (35).

According to the legal community on the 20th, the National Institute of Forensic Science recently conducted a detailed analysis of G-Dragon’s hairs and confirmed that he tested negative for drugs and notified the drug crime investigation unit of the Incheon Police Agency. According to the Forensic Service, detail exams of Lee Sung-kyun’s leg hairs also revealed “drug analysis was impossible due to insufficient weight of the body hairs.”

As a result, criticism of police is growing as Lee Sung-kyun and G-Dragon’s detailed exams by the National Forensic Service returned negative results one after another. Police plan to collect Lee Sung-kyun’s leg hairs again and request a re-examination but some point out that they have summoned the actor without even realizing many celebrities regularly remove their body hairs.

G-Dragon’s fingernail exams have not yet been released. However, fingernails can only confirm whether drugs were taken 5-6 months ago and since GD was found negative in the detailed hair test which can determine whether drugs were administered up to one year before, he’s been put into a position where it’s not guaranteed that police can prove the charges. 

The only evidence available to police are claims by A (29, female), a manager of a Gangnam room salon who was arrested on charges of drug and marijuana use. If negative results are found in detailed analysis of GD’s fingernails, then police’s investigative power is expected to be significantly reduced. 

Police have turned to the media for blame stating, “Investigations are difficult because internal pre-booking investigations were leaked by media before clear evidence was secured.”

Even on the 20th when G-Dragon’s hair test came back negative, police stated, “Didn’t the media investigate first? We’re investigating other areas to prove the charges and are working to close this case as soon as possible.”

Previously, in mid-September, while verifying intelligence that drugs were being distributed in entertainment bars in Gangnam, police arrested A who abusing Philophon and marijuana between March and June of this year. Based on A’s statement, police suspected GD of injecting drugs at a Gangnam room salon in December last year. A total of 10 people including GD and Lee Sung-kyun were booked for investigations on suspicions of drug use. 

  1. [+1,447, -95] Hand over drug investigations back to the prosecution!! Looks like you don’t have the necessary experience and competence because investigations are taking too long with zero results!!
  2. [+835, -151] This is a mess crafted by the Corruption Party who are ignorant of the common people wants and keep giving police top level authorities to terminate investigations.
  3. [+550, -16] This is a total mess! Especially Lee Sung-kyun?! If you have suspicions based on circumstantial evidence, you should investigate quietly and secure evidence first then blow things up!! Why create a storm in the media because they’re top star celebrities only for drug tests to come back negative?! It just means everything gets covered up and buried! Isn’t that adding fuel to a fire that’s already spreading?!! 
  4. [+420, -44] Do they think druggie kids are going to quit drugs for 5 months?? It’s clear the charges seem to be false. The only thing confirmed is Lee Sung-kyun was having an affair?
  5. [+242, -14] So are you going to take responsibility for the damage then?!
  6. [+82, -0] I get they obtained statements from that room salon manager that she injected drugs together with Lee Sung-kyun so it makes sense to investigate him because that manager had a drug record. But in the case of GD, it was wrong to leak things to media over claims that she found suspicious wrappers in the bathroom he used? She wasn’t even saying they injected drugs together? I understand police are having a hard time adjusting to investigative authority between prosecutors and police but they should’ve only summoned him once they were certain?
  7. [+71, -1] Why blame media for reporting it?! You should’ve done internal investigations first and figured out the person that leaked to the media and firmly sanctioned them? You have yet to put out a statement on whether you plan to find out who leaked things and punish them? Stop putting all the blame on the media for reporting it.. f*cking pathetic!
  8. [+71, -5] If they couldn’t detect drugs in this body hairs then he’s not guilty!! Is it possible for a druggie to survive without their drug fix for a year??! It’s clear the reporting was plain wrong!
  9. [+73, -11] You blew things up to cover up Kim Seung-hee’s daughter’s school bullying right?
  10. [+51, -3] Weren’t there articles that came out that the secretary’s kid was a school bully?
  11. [+48, -7] They succeeded in covering up such a huge issue! They’re really taking the public for dogs and pigs!
  12. [+33, -4] They threw the image of two top star celebrities into the gutter based on testimony from a room salon manager with zero evidence..
  13. [+24, -2] Police are truly an embarrassment to our country! Kneel and apologize to the celebrities who’s image you’ve ruined with your incompetence!!
  14. [+24, -4] Take responsibility!

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