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Room salon manager A reveals testimony of “suspicious” wrapping paper in the bathroom stall GD “used”

Article: “Suspicious wrapping paper found in the bathroom where G-Dragon went”… Statement from the female manager of an entertainment establishment

Source: Newsis

Leaked testimony has revealed why G-Dragon (35) was booked by police on drug charges.

On the 10th, Channel A revealed, “It’s because G-Dragon’s name appeared in a statement made to police.” According to reports, female room salon manager A discovered suspicious packaging in the restroom after G-Dragon visited in early December last year. Immediately after that, she made a statement to police saying, “G-Dragon’s behavior was also strange.” Based on A’s statement, police filed a criminal case against G-Dragon in order to check whether he had abused drugs. 

Previously, police arrested GD and requested a warrant to search and seize his cell phone records. However the court dismissed the request saying there is “lack of evidence of a crime.” Police did not apply for a warrant to search GD’s body. GD voluntarily appeared on the 6th and police obtained samples of his urine, hair, and fingernails. Results of the detailed exam have not yet been released. 

Channel A stated, “In the end, the police’s position is ‘suspicious.’ With Chief Yeo’s statement only, and only the results of the detailed examination are available at this time, they are in a waiting situation. After checking with National Institute of Forensic Science to find out when the detailed test results will come out., urine analysis takes 5-15 days. Hair and nails usually take 10-20 days. Since the sample was collected and requested on the 6th, results are expected to come out as early as mid-to-late this month.”

With regards to Lee Sung-kyun‘s hair analysis results that came back negative, Channel A stated, “It’s true that its difficult to prove the charges as the result is negative. It’s not easy to say for sure. After checking with legal experts who specialize in drug cases, they said that a negative result does not immediately confirm acquittal or innocence. It’s possible to determine that a person is guilty by looking at the circumstances through text messages or statements exchanged with a related accomplice.”

On the 10th, reports came out that G-Dragon had shaved all his entire body hairs prior to investigations. His lawyer Kim Soo-hyun of K-1 Chamber law firm refuted the reports and stated, “They’re clearly false. GD is willing to voluntarily submit leg hairs in addition to body hairs requested by police.”

  1. [+667, -107] But GD said he didn’t even go there? Police also said that GD was separate and not related to that place. It’s absurd that he ended up here just because of a “they said so” statement from an employee who was caught growing marijuana at home with 6 previous convictions who’s trying to get a lower sentence. So the only evidence they have is a statement from an employee?
  2. [+273, -21] He became a ‘druggie’ with just one statement.. scary ㄷㄷㄷㄷ
  3. [+153, -16] The bar-girl’s drug addled statement was plastered all over for several days and she was hiding something.. punish all the fake media reports for turning even common people into druggies. ~
  4. [+109, -9] The credibility of that woman’s statement has already hit an end in Lee Sung-kyun’s case.
  5. [+47, -4] Last year.. why didn’t you report it then?? Why leak this to media now??
  6. [+42, -6] The police and prosecutors who turned someone into a druggie and suspect with just one single statement need to take responsibility and resign!! Just looking at things, it’s clear they concocted this ‘investigation’ because of all the unfavorable incidents leaking to media about the ruling party.
  7. [+32, -2] Just like we’ve been saying all along.. they called him out because he’s a top star celeb to make a show to avert attention. There are a lot of rumors, circumstances and evidence but they didn’t summon him at all?? The law is like a rubber band for them.. the whole country is watching!
  8. [+30, -0] Expose the face of that room salon manager!! This bar girl is jjang.. arrested but doesn’t get her identity or face exposed!
  9. [+18, -2] What’s even weird is why are drugs at her room salon in the first place?? It’s not like G-Dragon is some washed up celebrity without money.. of course he can buy and inject drugs at his own privacy at his home. Why would he come out to her room salon for that?? No one knows this so-called manager but I’m still trying to understand why drugs are at her place of business.
  10. [+16, -0] So just because someone was behaving strangely she turned him into a druggie?? Ugh ~ I understand criticizing someone once all the information has been revealed but.. gijanims found one story and they’re just going all in on everything now. 
  11. [+8, -0] T.O.P too, fandom kids said he didn’t do it and it was his first time and he got buriedㅋㅋ
  12. [+8, -0] Police are the issue for trusting a woman like that.. 

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