Sam Hammington replies to nonsensical comment about baby Bentley ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: “How high is your heat that your kids are taking off their clothes?” Sam Hammington responds to comment telling him to save energy

Source: Insight via Instagram

Comment: “How high is your heat that your kid is walking around without a shirt on? I don’t know how much you make but you should conserve energy for the sake of the environment. There are poor people living in difficult conditions in the cold right now.”

Sam: “He took his shirt off because he got it dirty while baking cookies… The nitpicking on the heating is a reach! I think you’re taking this too negatively.”

1. [+1,160] The person’s making a fuss over nothing…

2. [+821] Of all the things to attack someone over

3. [+726] What does someone being poor and cold have anything to do with Bentley’s family having the heat on;;

4. [+517] People crossing the line again

5. [+395] These are the kinds of people who will attack you just for breathing

6. [+153] How do you live life when you’re so easily triggered?

7. [+111] I’d rather have high heat than catch a cold in the winter and spend money on hospital fees

8. [+51] Why even bother guessing about someone’s heating situation without knowing the whole picture? Or at least ask why Bentley has his shirt off instead of making assumptions?

9. [+16] Well he’s wasting energy by plugging his cellphone to charge just to write that comment ㅡㅡ

10. [+84] Of all the things to attack celebrities over, their own kid choosing to have his shirt off in his own home

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