SM suspends employee after he was caught secretly adding his wife’s name as a lyricist for BoA & EXO’s songs – Knetizen

SM employee, registered his wife’s name as BoA & EXO’s songs as lyricist… Severe disciplinary action

The former head of the label’s artist and repertoire (A&R) department ‘A’ was found to have registered his wife as a lyricist for 15 songs without notifying the company. A&R is in charge of discovering, contracting, and fostering artists as well as developing, contracting, and producing music, and ‘A’ is reported to have abused his power and violated fairness rules to credit his wife over other lyricists.

SM Entertainment has announced the former A&R head who registered his wife as a lyricist has already received disciplinary action.

On May 6, the label stated, “We recently took disciplinary action in connection with the inappropriate work actions of the employee.” cr

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1. Did he do it to get royalties?

2. It’s a new type of embezzlement

3. Shouldn’t he be fired??

4. Lee Soo Man is embezzled and even his employee too…

5. He must have learned from Lee Soo Man

6. Well, it’s easy to make money

7. This is ridiculous.. Why didn’t the company know it?

8. I don’t think they didn’t know it, and I think there will be many similar things in other agencies

9. I guess the employee learned how to embezzle from Lee Soo Man. That’s all they learned from that company

10. There are too many scammers in the world

What do you think?

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