Song Kang, Kim Young Dae, and Lee Do Hyun compete for the male rookie award at the Baeksang Arts Awards ~ Netizen Buzz

 Article: Baeksang Arts Awards showcases male rookie nominations of high competition “Song Kang x Kim Young Dae x Lee Do Hyun”

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+229] Song Kang, Kim Young Dae, and Lee Do Hyun are all popular actors in their own rights but if we’re talking about acting skills alone, I hope Lee Do Hyun wins this

2. [+170] It’ll be Song Kang or Lee Do Hyun, but I think Song Kang is more likely to win it

3. [+63] Lee Do Hyun’s acting is jjang 👏 I hope he wins it 😍

4. [+32] I want our Kang to win it but… this is quite the competition….

5. [+22] Couldn’t it go to Kim Young Dae?

6. [+18] Sweet Home Song Kang

7. [+17] Young Dae… 😍

8. [+15] It’s Song Kang 🔥❤️

9. [+9] I think it’ll go to Song Kang

10. [+5] Oh yeah Song Kang 😍

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