Taeyang and Min Hyo-rin to welcome a new baby soon

Article: [Exclusive] Taeyang’s wife, Min Hyo-rin, becomes a mother

Source: Hankook Ilbo

Big Bang Taeyang and Min Hyo-rin will be welcoming a baby soon. 

According to an exclusive report by Hankook Ilbo on the 27th, Min Hyo-rin is currently pregnant and will be giving birth soon. Taeyang and her family are eagerly awaiting the birth of a new life.

Taeyang and Min Hyo-rin are currently living in a 10 billion won luxury villa in Hannam-dong, Seoul and the two were seen walking in the vicinity by local residents. 

Hyo-rin’s agency, Plum ANC also confirmed to Herald Pop that “Min Hyo-rin is about to give birth.”

Meanwhile, the couple married in February 2018 after dating for 3 years. Taeyang is also currently preparing comeback with Big Bang after re-organizing as four member group following Seungri’s exit.

  1. [+355, -0] The comment saying it’s been a while since an idol announced pregnancy the normal way is f***ing hilariousㅋㅋ.
  2. [+283, -2] Young-bae congrats! Since you’ll be welcoming a newborn soon you’ll need to earn money for his formula so let’s do solo comeback soon!
  3. [+234, -0] His baby is a maknae to Bobby’s.. 
  4. [+94, -0] Ah, that’s right…if you get married like this first and announce childbirth who’s going to say anything about it…? The reason people are angry is because he [Bobby] carelessly got her pregnant and didn’t even tell fans until she was about to give birth..
  5. [+75, -0] If it’s a baby girl let’s hope it comes out looking like the mother..
  6. [+33, -0] These two are seriously too cute. The met quietly, got married quietly and now expecting a baby quietly together..
  7. [+17, -0] Please.. baby.. come out looking more like your mom. I hope you get big and pretty eyes like Min Hyo-rin.

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