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Article: Big Bang as four, a new update raises expectations with fans

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

1. [+221] I’m over them… I guess you can still promote even after doing drugs. Must be good news for the foreign fans. 

2. [+210] Not even as three but four??? I thought he didn’t want to promote anymore…

3. [+170] Why would TOP be included in a comeback…

4. [+126] TOP… why?

5. [+122] Eh, TOP too?

6. [+95] I wish they’d just let Big Bang go so that people can just remember the good stuff. The rest of the members can continue promoting on individually.

7. [+54] I know it’ll never happen but I want to see a Taeyang and Changmin unit. Talented married-dols with the joined forces of a Big Bang + TVXQ fandom would be amazing.

8. [+45] I only want to see GD…….

9. [+45] I’d never ignore the influence of their fandom but let’s be honest, the only clean member of the group is Taeyang, no?

10. [+30] Taeyang would be legendary if he just left and went solo

11. [+25] Just leave Taeyang as the last one standing 

12. [+12] 🤮🤮🤮

13. [+108] Big Bang just has no shame..

14. [+21] They’ve been so problematic that I’m not even excited anymore… they’re just an idol group from my memories…

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