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The Reunion of “Hospital Playlist” Actors Suspected of Dating in Real Life 

Kim Dae-myeong and Ahn Eun-jin’s reunion reignites dating suspicions

In 2022, Kim Dae-myeong posted two photos on his Instagram with the caption “Already a year. Yulje Hospital, fighting! OB-GYN, fighting!”

In the photos, Kim Dae-myeong met his co-star Ahn Eun-jin after a long time. Wearing comfortable caps and t-shirts, they formed a twin pose with clenched fists, revealing the chemistry of the beloved “Bear Couple.”

Kim Dae-myeong and Ahn Eun-jin received much love for their roles as Yang Seok-hyung and Chu Min-ha in the hit medical drama ‘Hospital Playlist.’ After joining the same agency, UAA, Kim Dae-myeong and Ahn Eun-jin reunited after ‘Hospital Playlist.’

Ahn Eun-jin

On the official tvN YouTube channel, an edited video of the variety show featuring the ‘Hospital Playlist’ cast was uploaded. While preparing a meal in pouring rain, Ahn Eun-jin, trapped under the roof, was directly hit by the rainwater. Kim Dae-myeong then took out a hairdryer and sweetly dried Ahn Eun-jin’s pants.

Later, during a rehearsal for the song ‘Superstar’ with other members, Ahn Eun-jin and Kim Dae-myeong sat side by side, taking care of each other. They exchanged smiles affectionately while passing each other’s phones.

Netizens excitedly left comments, “The focus on Ahn Eun-jin in this video, if you look next to her, there’s suddenly Kim Dae-myeong, and if you focus on Kim Dae-myeong, there’s suddenly Ahn Eun-jin…”, “My heart flutters when Dae-myeong gently strokes Eun-jin’s head and dries her pants with a hairdryer while singing. Are they secretly dating?”, “If the Bear Couple isn’t real, what is real? Are they dating?”, “The Bear Couple is so cute and lovely.”

On the last night in the countryside, Jo Jung-suk and Ahn Eun-jin started a deep conversation with dim lights. Subsequently, Kim Dae-myeong approached and lay down on the floor. Ahn Eun-jin said, “I rely on him a lot,” talking about Kim Dae-myeong, who was her partner in ‘Hospital Playlist.’

Ahn Eun-jin

Kim Dae-myeong said, “I knew Eun-jin would receive a lot of love from people… Be careful with social media…” Jo Jung-suk said, “He played the role of her dad.” Ahn Eun-jin also expressed gratitude, saying, “He’s a wonderful senior to me.”

Netizens reacted, “Kim Dae-myeong and Ahn Eun-jin rely on and trust each other, and their chemistry has been conveyed to viewers several times over,” “Good people meeting and creating good chemistry,” “We want to see them ‘Hospital Playlist’ season 3.”

After ‘Hospital Playlist’ season 2, Kim Dae-myeong starred in movies like ‘Alienoid Part 1’ and ‘Dirty Money,’ while Ahn Eun-jin has continued to receive love for her roles in ‘The Good Bad Mother,’ ‘My Dearest,’ and more.

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