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The rude scene is equally shocking in NCT Dream’s video

After the broadcast ended, a sunbae came to greet them
(This is basic manners)

But only one person on the left clapped and reacted

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1. Why didn’t anyone bow to their sunbae? They were f*cking rude

2. This is too much.. Young K really suffered a lot ㅠㅠ

3. I don’t know them.. But it’s weird that they succeed with such personality…

4. Wow.. Are you still a fan after seeing something like this?

5. There’s a reason why they’re not popular in Korea. If you are going to promote in Korea, you have to pay attention to what you are doing

6. They didn’t learn manners, even elementary school students didn’t behave like that.. Who is that DJ? He behaved so well

7. They don’t even know basic manners

8. They’re weird, their fans are weird, why do you like people like that?

9. This is a group with Chinese members, right?? Let’s boycott them

10. Greeting is the most basic of the basics… They were f*cking rude

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