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The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract” Lee Se-young stands tall as “one top

Actress Lee Se-young (31) stood tall as “one top” through MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract”

“The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract”, which premiered on Nov 24th, is based on the webtoon of the same name. It tells the story of Park Yeon-woo, a Joseon confucian girl who struggles to return back to Joseon after time-traveling 200 years in time to the year 2023 after being thrown into a well by an unknown person after the death of Kang Tae-ha, her husband.

Lee Se-young

In the drama, Lee Se-young plays the title role “Park Yeon-woo”. Having melted hearts with poignant melodrama in the previous work “The Red Sleeve”, the key was whether she could handle the weight of her first title role. This time, she armed herself with romantic comedy. Transitioning from the 19th century to the 21st century, Lee Se-young refers to South Korea as “New Joseon”. Everything is fascinating to her. She lives with the phrase “What is this?” on her lips and shouts “My husband” towards Bae In-hyuk abruptly from the first meeting, bringing out laughter. Her unique historical drama speech has gained popularity online, and her extraordinary choco love also contributes to one of the sources of laughter.

Lee Se-young

While there was a halo effect from “My Dearest”, “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract” itself, with its laughter code, and Lee Se-young’s enthusiastic performance are creating explosive synergy. With a solidly built acting experience honed since her childhood, she firmly holds the center. Her chemistry with Bae In-hyuk, Joo Hyun-young and Yoo Seon-ho is also fantastic. The term “Chemistry Fairy” is not just for show.

Based on this, “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract” is currently leading the Friday-Saturday drama ratings with a breakthrough of 10% (Nielsen Korea nationwide standard 9.6%) up to episode 6. It is also fiercely competing in terms of TV-OTT integrated drama topicality (Good Data Corporation) against SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama “My Demon”, which airs in the same time slot.

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