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Netizens Question Police’s Leak Of Investigation Information In First Place After G-Dragon Was Cleared Of Charges

Controversy is expected to arise as the police failed to clarify why they initiated the drug investigation on G-Dragon

At a press meeting held on December 14th, the Head of Incheon Metropolitan Police Kim Hee-joong mentioned G-Dragon (Kwon Ji-yong)’s drug case, saying “There were quite specific reports regarding Kwon Ji-yong’s drug allegations. Based on those reports, we conducted a comprehensive investigation but did not discover any criminal activities”.

He added, “When receiving reports, it would be weird if we did not investigate it. It is the police’s duty to initiate an investigation and clarify it if there’s no charge.”


Regarding Lee Sun-kyun’s case, he said, “It is hard to agree with the opinion that the investigation was unreasonable just because of the negative drug test results. We conducted the investigation following the law and principles.”

However, it is pointed out that the police had omitted explanations on important issues. The police were wrong from the beginning when they leaked information about Lee Sun-kyun and G-Dragon to the media during the preliminary investigation stage. It was clearly the police’s mistake because they did not maintain the proper security of the investigations.

There have also been speculations about an internal dispute within the police that led to the leaks of investigation information to the media. Therefore, it is important that the police find out how the information was leaked and take appropriate disciplinary action against those people.

lee sun kyun

In the case of G-Dragon, he has endured huge damage during the long investigation period. Since he’s a celebrity, this issue has harmed his image significantly and caused him to suffer unnecessary criticism and malicious rumors. As a result, fans are questioning the police about how they can compensate for all the damage.

Meanwhile, the police are focusing on investigating B, the person who blackmailed Lee Sun-kyun with entertainment establishment’s female director A. In October, Lee Sun-kyun filed a complaint against A and B, claiming that they threatened him to get 350 million won. A admitted that she received 300 million won from Lee Sun-kyun in cash but pointed out that she was threatened by B. Therefore, the police will summon Lee Sun-kyun as a victim.

Since the police have not identified B after two months of investigation, there is a possibility that A made a false statement. The police plans to solve Lee Sun-kyun’s blackmailing case first and then connect it to the drug case.

Source: Daum

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