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BTS’ V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie have reportedly broken up.
According to a report by JTBC on December 6, V and Jennie recently ended their alleged relationship before the BTS member’s upcoming enlistment. Though their labels Big Hit Music and YG Entertainment never confirmed the two idol stars were dating, the two have been captured together on numerous occasions, and many netizens and fans consider their relationship an unconfirmed truth. 
The two allegedly visited Jeju Island together, and Jennie invited V and his friend group, including Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Shik, and Park Hyung Sik, to the private listening party for her second solo single “You & Me”. They were later allegedly spotted together hand-in-hand in Paris.
YG Entertainment and Big Hit Music have not yet responded to the reports of the alleged breakup.
In other news, all the BLACKPINK members are confirmed to have renewed their contracts with YG Entertainment.
CR: Allkpop
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1. Why are people saying that it was so and so’s loss and congratulating so and so? Seriously, you guys are weird
2. Their photos got exposed and they never admitted it officially but there are even articles of them breaking off. The singers and fans must be tired
3. I seriously feel like someone like Jennie should never acknowledge her relationship. Of course they were dating according to the pictures but they never admitted it. I just hope that no female celebrity ever confirms it
4. I wonder who they will date next
5. It was a loss for Jennie anyways. Well done
6. There’s no need for her to wait for him in the military…
7. Jennie got so much hate… this is a relief…
8. They were dating? I didn’t know
9. The people saying it was Jennie’s loss are hilarious
10. Hul they matched so well though

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