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by Lee Seungwon

The absence of a fixed colors is an overwhelming advantage [for Jungkook]. Jungkook, who wore the colors of a modern pop star with ‘Seven’, which swept the streaming charts and broke various records, is now wearing the mantle of Justin Timberlake.

A simple melody, an easy-to-understand message, and even a subtle twist. There is no difference in the direction that follows the typical pop style, but the newly added hip-hop rhythm provides a bit of freshness. The minimal beat makes the song’s delivery clear, and the harmony with the featured rap, which was slightly off in ‘Seven’, continues smoothly. Although it doesn’t have a special impact, it still has clean quality and captures the trend in time. Even if his road to success is accelerating, there is no room to put a brake on it.

1. The absence of a fixed color is so accurate for him 

2. That’s such a good evaluation, I’m looking forward to the album too 

3. Jungkook-ah let’s go higher💜

4. A lot of people have been comparing him to Justin Timberlake ㅋㅋ This song definitely made me feel like that 

5. The song is fraeking good 

6. The star score is so good, he gave a good score to Seven too, let’s go up with Golden 

7. The song is so addictive 

6. “Even if his road to success is accelerating, there is no room to put a brake on it.” I’m so looking forward Jungkook 

7. Me too the moment I listened to the song, I got reminded of Justin Timberlakeㅋㅋ

The song’s style and also the fact that he’s from a boy group + his talented image too 

8. Seriously no matter what you look at, it’s so hard to write anything bad about Jungkook. Whether it’s the MV, the song and his dancing, everything feels fresh. He makes me feel like a proud Korean 

9. The evaluation was so good, let’s go higher

10. Jugkook’s spectrum is so wide so there’s no genre that he can’t try 

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