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Although her new start was announced, the reason for leaving NMIXX is ​​still unknown. At the time, JYP only stated that the reason for Jinni’s withdrawal and termination of her exclusive contract was “personal reasons” and remained silent about the detailed reasons.

This left many fans in shock. Even about 10 days before her departure, Jinni announced through a fan communication platform that she would continue to work hard as an NMIXX member in the future. It was a move that was bound to be shocking for fans who had been supporting her since her debut, and naturally, many rumors arose.

When asked about the reason for leaving NNMIXX and leaving JYP, MC Park Seulgi instead explained, “It is difficult to comment on the detailed reason. It is also her own personal story. This is just a moment for her to greet [people] with her new album.”

Jinni said, “It is difficult to talk about this for personal reasons, but I am determined to debut as a solo artist and work hard.”

1. JYP even keeps their school violence assailants, what are people saying here?

2. I’m also curious about why they kicked out Jay Parkㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. I hope she sues JYP 

4. I don’t think people should be swearing at JYP, if she can’t say anything, doesn’t this mean that it’s her fault?

5. It just seems like she really wanted to withdraw

6. Seeing how Jay Park leaving was a mystery, it does seem like they all left for individual reasons. It’s not like JYP is stopping them from appearing on broadcast so they don’t look that problematic either. JYP seems to leave people peacefully

But I still wonder what happened with Jay Park 

7. JYP even wrote an apology about bocking the way for people who withdrew to appear on broadcast ㅋㅋ Their image making is indeed effective

8. Jinni fighting 

9. If you leave JYP weirdly, there will be weird rumors following you

It’s obvious that NMIXX’s concepts didn’t suit her but she also trained for 7 years. 

The way that they released the notice felt also so rushed and the way they edited her picture videos showed no considerations

Same thing with Jay Park and 2PM, they sent him to the US for a while, he was doing shows around and people were waiting just for him to get kicked out randomly

And then people started speculating on his private life. And looking at the articles back then, it sounded like it’s the members who wanted this 

10. Honestly all the members who end up leaving will have rumors follow them 

People always think that there must be a big reason

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