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+ 1,747: Who came onto Junstin’s Instagram just to read the comments

+ 3,104: Sorry but I have lost all respect for you !

+ 3,195: You forced her to have an abortion then you made a lot of money destroying her image with Cry me a river. Karma is coming

+ You truly made a huge mistake. Karma is coming.

+You are not a man

+You messed that poor girl Brittany (sic) up. 

+ 2,321: Shame on you!

+ 2,205: Just a random question: what do you guys thnk about “exposing” your ex’s virginity in public, blame her for everything, make her get an abortion cause you don’t want to be a dad, get famous by a song you make about including a lookalike of her…?

+ 2,537: Brave enough to shame her for losing her virginity but not for supporting her during a pregnancy. Not all men but always a man.

+554: he used their breakup and taking her virginity to get ahead in his solo career. He continuously threw her under the bus to the media. For THIS to happen behind closed doors. to go through something as personal as that and then use other aspects of their relationship for personal gain is just disgusting. I can only imagine how he really handled it because no doubt he said more than “we’re too young and I’m not ready to be a father.” He’s always been a cocky, vindictive, man-child little sh*t. And I’m so glad she’s exposing him. Karma is a b*tch.

+ 4,423: now we can understand why you didn’t want the book, in front of the cameras you were the best couple, but behind the scenes you used her to get ahead and after you got ahead you left her. didn’t you want to be a father? if you hadn’t had a child, you were the beginning of her downfall. How sad

His latest Insta post got over 40K comments and most are hating on him

1. Human trash

2. He was cosplaying as the victim as if Britney was the one cheating on him when he was the one who cheated on her

3. What goes around comes around

4. This is karma~ Justin, you just gotta suck it up

5. He’s only curses but he has such good luck, f*ck

6. He was seriously a bast*rd and a psychopath to Britney… He’s always stamping on successful women to raise himself up

7. Brit’s life is seriously so pitifulㅠ so unfortunate

8. He seriously ruined her life

9. He needs to receive even more hate. I want him to get completely ruined but I bet it won’t happen. So that’s why I just want him to receive more lashings

10. The comments are just saying the truth

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