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Actor Ryu Jun-yeol carries Kim Joo-hyung’s caddy bag at the Masters, the ‘dream stage’ for golfers.

On the morning of the 10th, a day before the Masters Tournament, which opens on the 11th (local time), the ‘Par 3 Contest’ will be held at the par 3 golf course attached to the tournament venue, Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, USA.

Kim Joo-hyung is a promising player who has won three times on the PGA Tour, performed well at the Presidents Cup, and appeared in Netflix’s PGA Tour documentary ‘Full Swing’.

Ryu Jun-yeol, who is famous as a ‘golf lover’, is said to have been in a close relationship with Kim Joo-hyung after becoming friends at church.

Ryu Jun-yeol’s ‘love for golf’ is well known through interviews and other sources. […] He is working as a public relations ambassador for the international environmental organization Greenpeace, but as the fact that he enjoys playing golf, which contributes to environmental destruction, came into the spotlight, criticism was raised that it was ‘greenwashing’ (behavior that disguises itself as eco-friendly even though it is not).


1. “I’m a polar bear”

2. “I’m a golfer”

3. “I’m a golf ball”

4. 🐻‍❄️ : ㅠㅠ

5. The killer of polar bears 

6. He really can’t read the room 

7. Looks like he hit the jackpot after giving up on polar bears

8. He should at least make a public statement that he gave up on protecting the environment 

9. Wow he’s already in such a huge controversy now, he really isn’t reading the room 

10. He’s indeed impressive ㅎㅎ

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