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As Keena, a member of the four-member girl group Fifty Fifty, took a stab at her agency Attrakt, CEO Jeon Hongjun said, “I met with Keena yesterday and talked to her,” and added, “She apologized in tears, and I didn’t feel good either.”

In a phone call with News 1 on the morning of the 17th, CEO Jeon Hongjun revealed that Keena visited Attrakt on the 16th, the same day that she submitted a letter of withdrawal of appeal against the dismissal of the application for a temporary injunction to suspend the exclusive contract at Civil Division 25-2 of the Seoul High Court.


CEO Jeon added, “Attrakt and I will of course accept Keena’s return,” and added, “Keena, who was exhausted, said we would talk again after a day or two of rest.”

CEO Jeon expressed concern about Keena, saying, “She is someone who has been a trainee for 7 years. I know that she has been pursuing her dream of becoming a singer for a long time, so she must 

be very worn out right now.”

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1. He’s a saint.. 

2. Coming back alone to apologize is of course courageous from her, but the CEO nim is a saint…

3. If she trained for 7 years, she must know what the real world looks like out there, she was probably drifted away momentarily… Anyways I can’t believe the CEO actually forgave her

4. Everyone makes mistakes, so I don’t want to criticize her since the victim has forgiven her already. I just hope she works hard in that company to pay back what she did 

5. So what’s gonna happen to the 3 others?

6. Meanwhile the others still can’t wake upㅋㅋ The other 3 are out 

7. The CEO is a saint 

8. I’m relieved that she woke up halfway 

9. Honeslty, the other ones are probably more tight together now, the fact that she left them and came back alone must’ve not been easy 

10. Even if it’s too late, I hope her and the CEO will do well now ㅠ

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