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“The Asian was all standing still holding their bag, but they went to open all their bag saying “you have a camera” and kicked the Asian out, that damn MCountodwn ㅗㅗ Meanwhile they let all the Europeans who were holding their cameras pass by ㅗㅗㅗ “

“Is Paris MCountdown insane? they’re bullsh*tting, opening the bags of people sitting still claiming they had cameras and dragged them out. And looking at the people who got dragged out, they were all Asians ㅋㅋㅋ Meanwhile, why was XX’s manager laughing looking at the fans get f*cked over? And he was using informal speech and shooting molkas too?”

“No but is Paris insnae? They were so scary and gave me goosebumps, I’m going insane…

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1. [+145, -3]

I wonder what KPOP’s identity even is nowadasy, they don’t cater KPOP to Koreans anymore, instead, they’re trying to fit the taste of foreigners and Billboard has became more important. Is KPOP supposed to be international music? F*ck Korea is the root, but now the lyrics are all in English f*ck 

2. [+82, -2]

Is that France? France’s racis is so severe, but what’s funny is that they claim to be a multicultural country, meanwhile the racism is severe. 

3. [+66 ,-4]

Mubank has been conducting overseas shows for 10 years already and never had a single controversy like that, meanwhile MCountdown does it once in Europe and gets into a controversy 

4. [+46, -1]

If you look at the video, the terror that they instilled was so scary 

5. [+37, -2]

I hope MCountdown stops going to Europe 

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