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Fendi fan that can be hung on a bag

#Fendi – Fendi fan/ 670,000 won (USD $560)

✓ Reversible fan that can be folded and stored

✔ Made entirely of leather

✓ Can be hung on bag

1. They have to be joking 

2. We made those for fun when we were young 

3. It doesn’t look like it’ll cool me down at all 

4. They can’t be in their right minds with 670,000 won 

5. Wow.. It sucks

6. Everyone, don’t use this and use our traditional yoonseon fan (yah!)

7. It’s not even pretty…

8. 670,000 won? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. I feel like they just made another bag accessory but turned it into a fan 

10. Luxury brands sure are unique… This is pretty much a luxury item 

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