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According to SpoTV News coverage on the 16th, Fifty Fifty member Keena changed her legal representative from Barun Law Firm to Shinwon and submitted a withdrawal of appeal. She then contacted her agency, Attrakt, and expressed her intention to “return to the agency.”

Fifty Fifty has been engaged in an exclusive contract dispute since last June when the four members submitted a request for an injunction to suspend the exclusive contract. However, the Fifty Fifty exclusive contract situation reached an inflection point when one of the members, Keena, suddenly submitted a withdrawal of appeal and expressed her intention to return to the agency.

Fifty Fifty’s single song ‘Cupid’, released in February of this year, gained popularity on the US Billboard Chart and the UK Official Chart, and was called a ‘small-medium miracle’. However, on June 19, the members entered into a dispute with the agency, filing a request for a temporary injunction against Attract to suspend the exclusive contract.

The court recently dismissed the members’ request for a temporary injunction to suspend their exclusive contract, but the members immediately filed an appeal and a lawsuit on the merits, making it clear that they would not return to Attrakt. However, as Keena changes its position, attention is focused on how the legal dispute related to Fifty Fifty will end.

1. You should audition too 

2. It’s too late, so many chances were given to you already 

3. If you’re talented, then you’ll pass the audition 

4. She finally woke up 

5. Please don’t accept her… Just accept her apology 

6. Should’ve done that faster

7. Do you think the CEO wants to ruin his new group? There’s no way this is happening ㅇㅇ he’ll probably just keep her in the back burner until her contract actually ends

8. Didn’t they announce a new survival for their new group? They can just make her join the survival and not pick her at the end

9. ….Sigh…Damn…

10. And the rest will all wake up eventually tooㅇㅇ

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