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Fromis_9 Song Hayoung “I didn’t even know about the August comeback article, but I heard about it from fans. I’m not ready for a comeback right now

Hayoung: Even for the comeback (laughs) I learned it from the fans. 

MC: So the fans were the ones talking about it

Hayoung: Yes. I thought “Oh for real!?” and searched it up

MC: So the fans were the ones who told you you had a comeback 

Hayoung: I already knew we had one (at some point) but..

MC: So you knew you were coming back, but you only learned that it was announced through the fans.. Ah okok 

Hayoung: yes yes

MC: So have you prepared well for the comeback?
Hayoung: Right now… It’s still not… I’m still preparing for it 

1. ????

2. They became YG

3. Wow seriously this is too much 

4. It’s clear they’re disbanding 

5. Wow.. This is legendary 

6. ???? That’s crazy 

7. This is so low 

8. I understand the fans sending trucks 

9. If she’s not even preparing for the comeback that’s scheduled in August, then how are they going to comeback? They should be busy preparing for the comebacks now

10. Isn’t the article there just to shut the fans off? I feel like they’re planning to just disband them.. 

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