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Title1: “This is one of the methods of trading drugs”

Title2: “No but this is all coded”


A: Ah I hate Yejin

HSH: Yeah, I don’t need it. I just tried it once. I’ll put it out from Naver. So when you’re done tomorrow and go back to the dorms, contact me 

A: Ok, is nuna gonna be there today? 

HSH: Yup ㅋ Nuna is going tooㅋ

Caption: When are you going to give me my signed CD?

The way they used the postpositional particle for Yejin is weird, they don’t even refer her as Yejinie (t/n: more common way of talking about someone). And why is she suddenly mentioning printing things from Naver randomly? They just said “Yejin” hates it and then she randomly talks about Naver

Signed CD: drugs

Naver: the place they convened to meet

Printing: the way they’ll trade drugs 

post response:


1. [+350, -14]

Han Seohee ㅋ She’s sacrificing her whole body to ruin KPOP. Let’s reveal all the identities of those male idols

2. [+313, -13]

While a female idol gets cancelled over “kalguksu” male idols are literally doing drugs and going around room salons. Let’s wait and see ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+224, -14]

Han Seohee really only speaks the truth, she has no backing ㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+123, -126]

Why are people always mentioning Eunseok with Han Seohee? They’re not even related, so stop mentioning him 

5. [+120, -6]

This is slowly starting to blow up, let’s wait until someone releases a statement 

6. [+80, -8]

But SM idols have always been caught going to room salons. From 1st generation H.O.T. to TVXQ. and there’s a few EXO kids too, and now NCT. I bet they learn it from looking at the sunbaes. Since they’re all from the same agency, there’s no way for them to be caught. This is happening all inside of SM. 

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