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K-pop star G-Dragon will set up a foundation to fight against drug abuse, which has fast become an increasing problem in the country, his new agency said Thursday, a week after he was cleared of drug allegations.

The news was released during a press conference in Seoul hosted by the Galaxy Corp., the new agency representing the artist, who left YG Entertainment after more than two decades together.

“After difficult times recently, I was able to see things that I couldn’t see before, which is there are nearly 20,000 people convicted of drug crimes each year, and among them, teens are accelerating dramatically,” G-Dragon said in a handwritten letter read by a Galaxy executive. He did not attend the conference.

“I learned the heartbreaking news that fewer than 500 people have access to proper treatments in medical institutions,” he said, adding the dismal situation made him believe it is time to act on the matter as a responsible member of society.

The details about the foundation are still sketchy, but the artist said he will team up with his agency to help build a social system for those in need and lacking resources, as well as to support young artists.

The agency also asked news outlets, bloggers and those who spread rumors and false information in connection with the drug allegations against G-Dragon to voluntarily take them down from the internet.

“We will give you one week, by midnight on Dec. 28, to correct them. We strongly urge you to delete or correct all content that harms Kwon Ji-yong’s reputation,” said Cho Seong-hae, an executive at the company, using the artist’s real name.

“After the date, we will strongly respond with the principle of zero tolerance.”

CR: Yonghap News

1. So cool

2. Jiyongie fighting, you’re cool

3. GD is cool

4. Seeing him go to this extent, he must’ve been really unfairly accused. This is hip

5. Wow hip hop

6. He must’ve had a hard time with the rumors too. This is cool

7. Daebak… GD fighting

8. Look at how cool he is… impressive

9. Oh what a move! It’s good that he’s starting a foundation, I support him

10. F*cking cool. As expected of the super star Kwon Jiyongㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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