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Sung Hanbin’s Bubble on the 18th 

“Can I get married?”

He peeled an orange horizontally and asked whether he can get married (t/n: showing he’s husband material)

The challenge released on the 19th, they were stuck on each other 

On the 20th, Karina posted a mandarin orange and then peeled it horizontally with “Love is picking a mandarin”

“Professional mandarin peeler”

Although she tagged NingNing, NingNing only regrammed with “Rwi~”

And they’ve posted about mandarins 2 days apart

+ Sung Hanbin sang a song called “Bye Bye My Blue”

“Actually I wanted to sing better than this and post it, 

but this is the best I could do today!!


I wanted to convey the feelings I felt today <3

I miss you, a lot”

And Karina’s IG ID is “Blue”

and the lyrics too 

Why am I jealous of what you have

Holding tight onto things I’ll never manage

How much better do I want to be

I know you’re the same, maybe I’m just being selfish

Although I have a lot, I’m still not quite like you

Every day I walk alone, over the painful memories

I know it’ll hurt but I can’t help noticing

Maybe that’s why I keep longing for you

My my my darling

Just calling your name makes my heart full

I want to get bigger, bigger, and bigger

So I can give you a big armful of hugs

Cuz I’m afraid to say things I want to say

I push you away and make things uncomfortable

Although there is so much I want to hear

I cannot dare to desire and just wait painfully

My my my darling

Just calling your name makes my heart full

I want to get bigger, bigger, and bigger

So I can give you a big armful of hugs

they did the same challenge

And recently in a fansign, Sung Hanbin (01’er) said that he likes older people

And Karina (00’er) said she likes younger people

I-roaches are already shipping them

“Wait a minute? Is Hanbin wearing Karina’s popular ring?”

post response:


1. [+163, -26]

Oh… Seeing how you’re bullsh*tting with this while everyone and their mom is eating mandarins in the Winter shows that you’re just some delusional b*tch with absolutely no intelligence left

2. [+122, -3]

This f*cker was also writing posts about Karina dating Sung Hanbin on Instiz, but since nobody gave them any attention, they’re here releasing the same post on Pann. Let me clarify this, Karina, Winter and NingNing all posted about mandarins, but they only took Karina’s post

3. [+120, -1]

Winter, Karina and NingNing all posted about the mandarins, so is Sung Hanbin dating all 3 of them?

4. [+116, -0]

Regarding that ring, it’s not like he was “caught” wearing it continuously, this is just the accessories idols wear on stage, it was given by his stylist, why would those fools think that they’re dating based of this? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ In reality, if you look at the way Sung Hanbin left Gayo Daechukje’s event, he doesn’t actually wear any accessories

5. [+115, -2]

You sound f*cking dumb. 1. Sung Hanbin was the one who released the post about peeling oranges, and Karina and NingNing were eating were eating mandarins together. Karina doesn’t even know Sung Hanbin ate a mandarin. 2. That challenge is popular nowadays so the fans asked Karina to do it. 3. “Blue” I don’t even want to talk about this, but do you really think that Karina and Sung Hanbin are dating? What kind of post is this? I honestly hope that the ones who are leaving the comments here flop

6 [+83, -100]

No matter how popular it is to eat mandarins during the Winter, we’ve never seen a male and female idols post about it 2 days apart and talk about “love” and “getting married” no?

7. [+46, -60]

This is 1500x more believable than her dating RM. People were creating dating rumors just because she sat next to him, this at least feels like some type of proofs 

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