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[theqoo] ITZY 'BORN TO BE' B-SIDE 'BORN TO BE' MV – 24.01.08

original post: here

1. Ah this looks like a mega crewㅋㅋㅋㅋit was f*cking cool
2. Where did you find this choreography? It’s freaking good
3. This looks more like a performance video than an MV, it’s nice that they went all out as if it’s a stage
4. I just watched it, the performance was amazing, it’s freaking refreshing
5. Oh from the thumbnail alone, it was daebak
6. This was so refreshing, first of all, they’re good dancers
7. That’s right, keep this as a pre-release
8. They sharpened their knives
9. It looked like a mega crew mission
10. Crazy this is it

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