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Her face is like a baby’s but her face is f*cking feminine, her hips are large so her line is so pretty, I’m freaking envious

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1. [+94, -9]

but her face is f*cking babyish, so the contrast is even bigger, I’m not even joking, when they said they had a maknae who was a 08’er, I thought it was her

2. [+59, -17]

She looks like she has a body that men would rather prefer than women, she’s not bone skinny and her waistline is so pretty?

3. [+56, -5]

Pham Hanni already had this body and was so pretty ㅋㅋ

4. [+55, -7]

And her face is f*cking cute

5. [+41, -5]

Oh I didn’t know, her waistline is so pretty

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