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When asked about the challenges of being a celebrity, Jessica said, “There are good and bad. Sometimes I feel very blessed, but sometimes I want to live a normal life like my friends. But no one can have it all, so I try to balance my life as much as possible.”

When asked about the difference between working solo and in a group, he said, “It’s that I get to choose everything,” adding, “When you’re in a group, you know, the majority always wins, so even if you don’t want to drink black tea, if five people want to drink it, you have to drink it. It’s a simple example, but I had to learn how to deal with such a system because I had to make really small and big choices.”

She also talked about how she felt after leaving Girls’ Generation. “I tried to put the past in the past and look on the bright side, and of course, it was one of the hardest and darkest times in my life,” Jessica said.

“But I had family and friends who supported me, and my fans were always there, so I didn’t feel alone, and (on the other hand) I thought it was a good time to grow.”

1. I also don’t think anything was scandalous in that interview but.. If you’re gonna compare her to DBSK, Jessica was already doing her side things. She wrote an idol novel reminiscent of Soshi members, and it’s really bad…. If you go to Twitter and search for it in English, you’ll see how much she contributed to villainizing Soshi members.

2. Ssica-yah, I’ll always support you

3. Has she ever said anything good about her group so far? I wish that she’d just stop mentioning it

4. Seems like she really didn’t mesh well with the group. Ah but when she said “hardest and darkest times”, was she talking about after leaving the group?

5. Jessica can never let go of the good side of her face

6. She’s also becoming more and more shameless just like the former DBSK members

7. ㅋㅋㅋ how long has it been since she left?

8. I’m always gonna support Jessica, I hope that she’s been living well

9. Soshi’s promotion as OT8 was fun and the fans had fun too. OT8 was great

10. I don’t think that she said anything bad in this interview. Also, she can’t help but answer if they ask her about it.

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