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Hello, this is Kang Daniel.
Half of this year has already gone by. As the weather has suddenly gotten hotter, I’m realizing how quickly time flies by.

My journey with KONNECT, which has been my home for the past five years and has also taught me responsibility, has come to an end.

I want to sincerely thank all of the employees and everyone else who laughed, cried, and led KONNECT together with me. I won’t forget this feeling [of gratitude].

Although I feel sad and regretful ending this journey with bad news, I plan to work through it quietly and diligently, just as I have always done. I will also use this time to ponder how to create a better future.

And to my DANITY [Kang Daniel’s fandom], who must be thinking of me more than anyone else is right now!
I will remain unchangingly by your side as Kang Daniel in the future as well. I’ll work hard to try and bring you good news quickly, so please don’t worry too much and make sure to eat good meals!
Thank you.

Cr. Soompi

I will always support you! 

+ The company Kang Daniel established is indeed his, he’s the CEO, but there’s a separate major shareholder. Kang Daniel found out about embezzlement since January last year, and he’s been active without revealing it throughout 2023. Since the artists under the agency also have contracts, he waited for over a year until their expiration, and began the overall contract termination process last month after all contracts expired.

1. I miss you Niel-ah ㅜㅜ

2. Fighting !!!

3. Daniel, I’ll always support you and I’ll wait for you so let’s take care of your physical and mental health first 

4. I feel so bad ㅠㅠ Find strength 

5. Kang Daniel, I will support you. I wish you the best, don’t push yourself 

6. He suffered so much, please find strength and I hope he resolves everything 

7. The way he talks to Danity is always so kind ㅜㅜ

8. Daniel, I’ll support your future! Fighting !! 

9. Find strength Daniel ㅠㅠ!! I’ll wait for you 

10. Niel-ahㅜㅜ Please eat well and I’ll be waiting for you ㅜㅜ Don’t get hurt, let’s meet again in a concert!!!!

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