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On the 12th, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and Yesung appeared as guests on the YouTube channel ‘Jo Hyunah’s Thursday Night’.

On this day, Kim Heechul confessed, “When I was in my 20s, I wanted to kiss myself when I looked in the mirror. And no matter what stage I performed, I was in love with myself and happy with myself. But now that I’m older, I feel ashamed. It’s embarrassing.”

He continued, “I feel this when I look at the members. Our members are really cool. They are now 40 years old. But it is not easy to manage yourself like that. It makes no sense,” and praised the members who are thorough in self-management.

In particular, he said, “There are parts where Yesung and I clash. Yesung’s mindset is, ‘Hyung, we’re 40 years old right? But even when we’re 50 or 60, since we debuted as idols, let’s keep being idols.’ But I’m trying to stop being an idol.”

Kim Heuchul confessed, “Being an idol is just my job, not my life. I’ve talked about this a lot,” and Jo Hyunah said, “There was a time when I was young and thought I wasn’t pretty. I needed time to accept that. But this is me, I’m pretty. But wasn’t oppa always super pretty since the beginning? So even if you grow old like that, oppa needs to accept yourself for who you are.” 

In response, Kim He-chul said, “But it’s not easy. Because the me that fans liked will look and feel like I was in my 20s, but I can’t maintain this. I could just cut out alcohol and carbohydrates, but I’m not confident in that. I feel like I’m losing my happiness.”

1. He’s saying that while he’s still promoting as an idol…..?

2. Isn’t he currently promoting??????

3. But he can just stop though 

4. But then it’s your job to not renew your contract, nobody is forcing you?

5. Even SUJU fans are telling him to stop, what kind of position is that? …

6. Huh? He’s been doing whatever he wanted to do though.. 

7. This just showshow good Yesung’s mindset is

8. It’s Yesung’s time to shine 

9. He’s already able to do everything he likes damn…

10. Yesung’s mindset is so good 

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