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1. This song is so good
2. The song is so good though, I’ve been listening to it every day
3. I feel like JYP has lost their touch recently… I also don’t understand why they don’t do any marketing
4. The song is so good, I’m listening to it on my way to work every day🙂
5. I didn’t even know that they released a song. I’ll go listen to it
6. The song is so good
7. It’s impressive that they haven’t disbanded after 10 years and are still promoting
8. No but why does TWICE have so many haters??? To be honest, there are barely any group who promote this often 10 years into their career so it’s hilarious that people are looking down on them based on their resultㅋㅋㅋ Just try and think if your bias would even last 10 yearsㅎㅎ
9. I’ve been listening to the song a lot because it’s so good and Lauv’s remix version is also f*cking good so I hope that a lot of people listen to it
10. The song is so good👍  Ignore the haters

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