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SM’s art director Min Heejin has worked with BoA since Number 1 but there was only once where we truly saw her aesthetic shining through

And it’s…

1. As expected, Min Heejin is just different. I like seeing BoA in a different aesthetic that I’m used to

2. She couldn’t pull this off though

3. I don’t like it

4. No but this is f*cking good. The comments are rotten

5. I like it though?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ why are the comments so mean?

6. I remember liking these photos so much when they came out

7. Oh so BoA had that vibe too? I like it though?

8. It looks fine but I don’t think it suits what BoA was going for

9. I think that it would’ve looked better if BoA’s unique identity shined more. If this was just a photoshoot, it looks pretty but it didn’t match the song and it’s not BoA’s concept. But this was indeed the first time this kind of concept was seen back in the days

10. It’s fine if it was a photoshoot but for an album concept, it didn’t match BoA

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