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The breaker changer part gave me goosebumps

Lily empress’ live makes no sense, I have ascended to heaven

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1. No but I’ve watched it 10 times and I’m still getting goosebumps 
2. They did so well. I hope they succeed with the talent they have, I’m not a fan but I support them 
3. They’re freaking good seriously… Every time I see them, it feels like their skills are getting better ㄷㄷ
4. Let’s be even more and more successful, the song is too good 
5. They’re becoming better and better
6. Crazy, they’re the originator of libes
7. They were all good.. But Lily and Haewon were insane 
8. This is a real live, crazy..
9. They did too well, they have the best skills among girl groups right now 
10. Wow Lily and Haewon’s parts were so high so I wondered if they could pull it off, as expected

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