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You have to change your last name to your husband’s last name.

It is said that there are some women don’t want to get married because they are reluctant to change their last name. The woman in the tweet said she didn’t want to change her name, which she’s used for 30 years.

Q: Then the husband can change it to his wife’s last name???

= That’s the correct answer, but instead the women are getting criticized with “Women sure are scary” “They’re doing whatever they want” “That woman sure is a “tough” one” etc… And there are barely any cases of commoners taking on the wife’s name 

Currently it’s becoming a hot topic in Japan

1. This is not sustainable 

2. It’s weirder that we’re even changing our family name just because we’re married

3. First of all, changing our family name because of marriage is such a pain, it sucks.. 

4. So it’s becoming crazy over there too.. 

5. I also would hate changing my name

6. I’m more weirded out that there are countries where they actually change the family names 

7. Me too I’d hate it 

8. The fact that they do it out of tradition is severe

9. Wow I would hate doing it.. Why would I change my name?

10. This isn’t their tradition, it’s just Asian culture

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