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– This is just distasteful, I’m not even Christian or Catholic and I feel like it’s just disrespectful and in poor taste
– This one is not for me. Why do you have to wear a religious gown? What does that help with? I don’t get it 
– I’m not even Christian, but you need to take religion seriously 
– Look, I love Ri but why do people have to drag religion into this? I find it to be really blasphemous

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1. It’s true that it’s offensive
2. She deserves the hate, why would she shoot pictures like that?
3. It feels like the world is after this concept lately. And her makeup is too light for her, they could’ve spent more time on it 
4. The picture is just weird..
5. And if it’s not about religion, it will be some outfits that will s**ualize a certain occupation or status. This freaking sucks.
6. But I don’t even think she looks cool on that shot 
7. I can understand the backlash 
8. She would faint if she comes to Korea
9. I thought that these things were common in the past and we were moving towards respecting all race, religions and occupations, so why… 
10. She deserves it… Why is she touching the stuff she shouldn’t touch?

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