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The first official collaboration stage featuring SM Entertainment labelmates aespa and RIIZE will be unveiled at the ‘2023 Music Bank Global Festival’, happening this weekend!

For this special stage, themed “Winter with K(arina)-B(in)-S(hotaro)”, aespa members Karina and Winter and RIIZE members Wonbin and Shotaro will work together for a spectacular performance. 

Meanwhile, the ‘2023 Music Bank Global Festival’ consists of two parts. Part one will bring viewers performances live from KBS Hall in Korea, hosted by MCs Rowoon and IVE’s Wonyoung. Part two will bring viewers incredible performances from the Belluna Dome in Saitama, Japan, hosted by MCs Rowoon, Go Min Si, and Lee Young Ji.

CR: Allkpop

1. Crazy

2. Wow what the????

4. Wow a collab??? These four?? Daebak

5. I wonder what they’ll do

6. Huh? Is it a dance??!???

7. Hul they are really having a collab

8. Wow SM’s facial chemistry is clearing my eyes

9. SM… as expected, they know something

10. But why is it always Karina and Winter?.. It was the same in Stepback

> But Giselle was in Zoo and Ningie had a collab too no? It’s not “always”

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