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Hello, this is Cho Seung Youn.

I’m writing this letter today because I have news that I want to tell MOODZ [WOODZ’s fandom] directly.

I have been called by my country and will be serving in the military from January 22, 2024.

My military enlistment, which had always seemed so far away, has now arrived, and it feels like I’ve been thinking about my enlistment since last year.

For a moment, I will be a little farther away than I am now, and I will do my utmost in my military duty as not WOODZ, but a young man named Cho Seung Youn, before returning.

Nearly 10 years have already passed since I debuted and began working [as a singer].

Those years have been filled with the extremely precious and happy memories I made together with MOODZ, so I feel very grateful.

I’ll come back even healthier, so please stay happy and healthy without getting sick, wherever you are.

Once again, thank you to MOODZ for always giving me strength and giving me more love than I deserve.

CR: Soompi

1. Ah crazy, I couldn’t even go to his concert, I’m cryingㅠㅠㅠ

2. If he enlists on January 2024, he will discharge on July 2025. Then Seungyounie will only spend one birthday in the military and will come back right away… (I’m going through the stages of acceptance)

3. Don’t go…

4. A puppyㅠㅠㅠ going to the military

5. Excuse me, I just watched ‘Drowning’ for the first time today… I’ve been looking through his lives for 3 hours today… what is this?…..

6. My heart is shattered but I’m looking forward to his album and concert. Take care of yourself and stay healthy

7. You were my life so how can I send you away?… no… even in the army, you will receive a lot of love… aaaaahhh don’t go Seungyoun-ah… No, but you must goㅠㅠ at least, if you could go to the military band…. no matter where you go, the place that belongs to you is on stage…

8. I thought that he was gonna promote longer but I hope he has a healthy enlistment

9. This feels like getting struck by a thunderbolt… I’ve only been a fan for 1 year!!!!!!!!

10. F*ck, my bias is also a 96-liner… there are so many 95-liners who still haven’t gone yet

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