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Former T-ara member Lee A Reum (formerly Han Areum) has announced news of her ongoing divorce as well as plans for remarriage.

Previously, Lee A Reum tied the knot with a non-celebrity businessman in October 2019, and she became the mother of two children. Last year, Lee A Reum and her ex-husband appeared on TVING’s “Caught Between Marriage & Divorce,” a reality show that depicts couples who are contemplating and preparing for separation.

On December 10, Lee A Reum took to Instagram to announce, “I found someone I always want to be with. He is so precious to me that I didn’t want to reveal him.” She continued, “This person is someone who taught me what happiness is when I was worn down by many things, and he is someone who has perhaps been hurt much more than me. He is the only person who ran to me when I was having a hard time even though he might have been harmed,” expressing gratitude to her special person.

Lee A Reum further revealed, “I am still in the process of filing a [divorce] lawsuit. Before meeting the person I love, I lived in such immense pain. I cannot specify, and although I have much proof to show, I will not because he is still the children’s father.”

The singer remarked, “I joked around with rude words until the end, but I think it’s time to stop if I want to stand with a clear conscience.” She added, “The meaning of ‘cheating’ is loving someone while loving another. I gave birth to my second alone, and I’ve been suffering for a long time. I’ve been struggling for a long time thinking about my children, but now I plan to live life while enjoying it.”

Lee A Reum announced, “Going forward, speculative and malicious comments will be punished severely. You are free to think, but please remember that voicing those thoughts is punishable, and I hope you make good thoughts and good judgement. So please only send comments of support and hope.”

She continued, “We will be officially registering our marriage as soon as the lawsuit is over, and we promised to get married.” She further clarified, “[He] is not letting me get a divorce even thought it has been a divorce since a few years ago. We just haven’t been able to [get the papers] signed by the court.”

1. Was she a T-ARA member during their prime? It’s my first time seeing her

2. I saw that she was in the midst of divorcing but somehow she still got a second child in all of that turmoil and is remarrying again now… This is the same feeling I have when I watch the show ‘Highschool Parents’

3. I went to Insta and saw that her husband is the writer of Believer 2

4. I don’t even know who this is even after seeing her face

5. I don’t care if she dates someone and separates and dates someone else but she needs to clean up everything in her previous relationship before starting a new one. She still hasn’t divorced yet and is already boldly talking about a new person and it’s just not it;; I know that we don’t know what goes between those people behind closed doors but even if one of them has committed a crime, they should sort it out between themselves first… Also, she’s still in a lawsuit so I don’t know how this could be a good thing for her… I get that she can do whatever she wants but…

6. She didn’t even clean up her previous marriage but is already announcing a remarriage. What is this?

7. ??? Am I the only one who doesn’t understand? And she’s still in the middle of a lawsuit…

8. But even on broadcast, her husband kinda seemed like a d*ck. She seems like the type of person who just takes in everything he says

9. She gave birth to her second child last year so when did she meet her new husband?

10. There was a member called A Reum in T-ARA?…

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