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 “X will be charging a fee of $1 per year for new users to access major functions such as tweets, reply, quotes, repost, likes, bookmarks and list creation. It applies to new users in New Zealand and the Philippines starting today.”

1. So the egg-account f*ckers will all disappearㅋㅋㅋ

2. My fangirl life is ruined, f*ck

3. There’s nothing he did that wasn’t a f*ckery

4. So Twitter is also on its way to failure… farewell…

5. ㅗ f*ck, where can I find a substitute? It’s still a minor version but ugh

6. Only for new users??

7. Is he a spy from Meta?

8. Elon Musk says it’s because of “the sheer volume of bots,” but what does New Zealand and the Philippines have to do with the creation of bot accounts?

9. Instead of charging people, can he reroll Twitter’s old name and icon? F*ck

10. I have 3 accounts right now… He’s a disease

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