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According to SWAY’s coverage on the 3rd, Chaeyoung has been dating Zion.T for 6 months. They met for the first time through an acquaintance of Chaeyoung’s, and as their feelings for each other grew beyond that of colleagues, their relationship developed into a romantic relationship.

Chaeyoung’s dating style is confident, and also enjoyed public dating. Zion.T and her often went on dates in Hannam-dong and Yeonhui-dong and did not hide their love.

Zion.T perfectly matches Chaeyoung’s ideal type. Chaeyoung likes men who are thin and have artistry, but it is said that she fell in love with Zion.T’s free-spirited and musician-like appearance.

An official who knows the two well said, “Chaeyoung and Zion.T were sunbae and hoobae , but developed into a romantic relationship. They are not the type to hide and hide their personalities, so people around them are already well aware of their relationship.”

According to ‘SWAY’, the two usually date in Gangbuk. They are creating beautiful relationship by taking walks in quiet alleys rather than crowded hot places.

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1. 10 years difference… 

2. I’m more shocked at Chaeyoung’s age ㅋㅋㅋ

3. She’s only 24????

4. Ha… 

5. Twice are almost 10 years into their debut, Chaeyoung is so young… 

6. I thought Zion T was in a long term relationship with a model, this is unexpected 

7. Hul this is way better than the previous guy she dated

8. Way better than her ex-boyfriend 

9. Seems like Twice’s kids are constantly dating…

10. Why are there so many dating news lately? 

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