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“The same goes for big marts and public organizations”

“I can’t believe English is used everywhere…”

“Consumers are now upset or confused”

“Silver Club, Contemporary………’King Sejong the Great would cry’ on Hangul Day”

It’s called a senior center, and now it’s a fancy new word for a senior club……”

“English abuse everywhere…even at the diaper changing station”

“I’ve never seen as much English in any country (non-English speaking) as I have in Korea, and I’m grateful but a little surprised.”

“It’s very off-putting for an older person to see, they have no idea, they don’t know what it means….”

“Article 12 of the Enforcement Decree of the Act on the Management of Outdoor Advertisements, etc.

Advertisements must, in principle, be displayed in Korean. If displayed in foreign characters, they must be accompanied by Korean characters unless there are special circumstances.”

“Cha Jae-kyung, President of the Association of Korean Language Cultural Organizations:

I believe the problem lies in valuing other languages (English) more highly than our own language. This stems from linguistic chauvinism. Language needs to be understood mutually to function properly, and this issue hinders social integration.””

1. Why is this happening?

2. It’s ridiculous and creepy how it’s becoming more common

3. The construction industry seems to think people will like names like “Senior Club” and “Mom’s Station”

4. I wish it were legally mandated to use Koreanㅠㅠㅠㅠ something that makes it compulsory

5. Honestly, even terms like “waiting” bother me because we have the word “daegi” (waiting) in Korean… And “ongoing” or “new menu” too..

6. This is actually being discussed in my apartment complexㄷㄷ I can understand “Mom’s Station,” but “Senior Club” really makes me angry… How are elderly people supposed to understand that?

7. That’s why I’m consciously trying not to use English in my daily life lately

8. When will this change? Even when people talk about it, nothing happens.

9. It’s a bit embarrassing. We have a perfectly good language in Korean

10. Hangul is so great, but our country is really strange for not using our good Korean words

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